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performanced by: Dima Dubson, Oleg Dubson, Dan Illian,* Margareth Kammerer, Jennifer Lim,*and Zishan Ugurlu*

original music performed by Margareth Kammerer; video design and direction by Leah Gelpe; scenic design by Michael Byrnes; costumes designed by Oana Botez-Ban; lit by Lucrecia Briceno; dramaturgy by Peter Campbell; assistant director Shira Milikowsky; production manager Mercedes Murphy; adapted and directed by Jay Scheib

The Medea premiered at LaMaMa ETC in New York City on the 13 of January 2005


Selected Press clips....

"Medea is a tragic tale of Greek love gone terribly wrong: boy meets girl, girl forsakes family, girl has babies, boy leaves girl, girl goes nuts and kills children and mistress. Jay Scheib and his La MaMa theater troupe have turned Euripides' saga on its head – putting the beginning at the end and ending with the beginning."
The Medea by Ashley Harrell & Adam Raymond for Paper Mag

"...much food for thought and makes a familiar work seem new, rich, and strange again"
The Medea
review by Loren Noveck for

"Mr. Scheib has attracted a considerable following for his intelligent visuals and audacious way around a text. ...."
A Great, Wide-Ranging, Sloppy Mess That's Noisy & Clever to Boot
By HELEN SHAW for The New York Sun, Arts and Letters Jan. 17, 2005

"…...presumptuous... Mr. Scheib has not mounted a traditional interpretation.. (he) strips the drama down to only the most utilitarian prose. "
The Beginning by Jason Zinoman for the New York Times, Jan 20 2005

"Scheib turns the binoculars around…brilliantly...excellent, intelligent theatrecraft at work here. Don’t miss this one."
The Medea reviewed by Jessica Slote for Theater2k

"The Medea, conceived and directed by Jay Scheib, makes admirable strides in changing our concept of the play by addressing not just its emotional content but its structure as well...well acted and interestingly concieved ... always engaging."
Multimedia Medea by Julie Sharbutt for



Design materials and technical information

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Download the Program notes / Bios / and Photo Key HERE_.doc file

Image 1
Zishan Ugurlu as Medea
Photo by Brian Dilg

Download This image 5.5mb .exe archive

Image 2
Oleg Dubson as Aegeus
Photo by Michael Bieglmayer

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Image 3
Dima and Oleg Dubson as the sons
Video Capture Leah Gelpe

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Image 4
Jennifer Braun, Camera
Video Capture Leah Gelpe

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Image 5
Oleg Dubson as the son
Video Capture Leah Gelpe

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