Spread on Westpier
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I'm GLOWING for Reality.
I just want to be, in reality, caught up in real Behaviour. Is that a big deal? Can’t we just have something that’s real enough? a Real reaction? Less than Realism, in Reality—

not a return to naturalism, not a flight into philosophy, not an ideology-soaked explanation for what we want but aren't making, not an intellectual description of what is not there. Really a capsule of world through the playing of West Pier.
Reality under the pressure of Personality. Edward Bond cried out that in his plays the characters needed more from the actors than the actors needed from the characters.. I am waiting around to find out what this means. maybe persuading Naturalism to give way to Behavior. Realism: a pursuit of situations in reality—in the hour of no light, “...when we need the light of suns which refuse to set.”

Reality cools. Embroiled in Reality. In reality really funny. A show of physical force, shocking and awe inspiring... something inconsequential breaks into pieces and the wind blows like hell. It’s a hail storm we have ice cubes. West Pier began as a satire and ends as a satire. A family drama. A lazzi. Irony with its trousers down. Who would have thought. He who dared to think with plays: KOLTES dead of AIDS in 1989. So this the dedication, to BERNARD-MARIE KOLTES.

As for me, I merely wish, some day, to relate well and in the most casual of words the most important thing that I know and that can be put into words. A desire, an emotion, a place, some sort of light or sound, whatever would constitute a fragment of our world and belong to us all.” Bernard-Marie Koltès

{from right to leftt-- Ryan Justesen as Charlie and Krassin Yordanov as Fak in a scene from West Pier photo by Jeremy Morris}

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